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Announcement for the Magic Project Community and new friends

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Your Contribution

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Your Opportunity

We want to build a community like no other. A community in which we are going to detox our ego and finally eliminate it. A community which will be our happy, supportive, encouraging family.

So we invite you to study and feel the Magic Project and share with us your most strange and magical ideas. We will try to make all your ideas come true!


  • Do you have new fresh ideas?

  • Are you a Designer, Game Creator?

  •  Are you a Music Maker, Painter or another kind of Artist?

  • Are your creations fairy-friendly, elf-friendly, lucid-dream friendly, alien or space- friendly?

  • Are you a potential creator of artwork?


Send us your ideas and we will:


         Include your contribution to our proposal.



         Give you priority as a supplier, employee,

          or even collaborator if you wish to work with us.



Some examples of ideas could be:

  • Stories (ideas for a movie, game, quests of Real life role playing, etc.)

  • logo, brand image, advertising ideas or even help us with promoting

  • Pictures, drawings, tattoo themes

  • 3d graphs, animations, trailers

  • Music

  • Characters

  • Clothing proposals

  • Jewels

You can add to this list, artwork or anything else we didn’t think about

and become part of The Magic Project !


To learn more about the Magic Project, 

have an idea of The Magic Project aesthetics and approach to life, and/or be inspired 

please explore the about section and the Lucid Journey section.

All the links and files that can be found in these two sections are extremely helpful.



Feel free to post & advertise links, pictures, text or anything you want, in our forum, or - in case you don't like publicity - a private communication (message on Facebook/email:

You are free to post a link to your professional or business site, show off your products etc.)












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The Magic


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