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The Impact of the Magic Project and of The Magic Book




Brain activation

Imagination activation

The intuitive capacity of the heart activation

The increase of the electromagnetic field of the heart

Health and well being


Real Life Role Playing

This place’s main activity will be Role Playing. From Real Life Role Playing that doesn’t exist anywhere else on the planet right now, to Virtual Reality Role playing.

I used to be a very active Online Role Player in several games, hooked from the great graphics that could form a virtual fantasy world. I was with my friends on voice programs while playing all together, and got to know thousands of people through these games.


But something was missing…we all agreed that we would like it If we could do this role-playing in Real Life, outside of a computer every now and then.  We were missing the Real Thing…we were missing to feel the other people…to move…to see the real smiles on faces, to be able to hug each other and support each other in Real Life.

All gamers long to be able to enjoy role-playing in a real environment. Is the dream of every gamer. But what about disabled people? There we give the solution of Virtual Reality Role Playing.


The Importance of Real Life Role Playing

Role-playing is like drama therapy is proven that is good for emotional and physical issues and activates imagination. Recent studies show that role-playing fights even Alzheimer’s disease.

Recent studies in Physics have proved that brain creates our future reality. Guided imagery is used today in clinical hypnosis at Harvard University (and not only there) with amazing results in both physical and emotional health issues and the reason is that our brain cannot tell the difference between real and imaginary.


The Importance of Imagination

So if we want to have a better planet, a better beautiful reality, what we need is to activate our brain and our imagination. Imagination is that place of imaginary space where we can construct anything that we can desire or think… is the most powerful transforming agent we have. We think the world of imagination is unreal but in reality, it is the source/Source of creation/Creation and without it, no new creations can be manifested. We continually repeat the past. It is imagination that allows us to see differently and as we hold the thoughts we see, we can turn those thoughts into the reality of an experience. If we cannot allow ourselves to creatively play in our creative imagination we do not allow ourselves to live and embody the world of infinite possibilities. Imagination lets us discover our true self.

In our society, humanity loses this ability to use imagination because of the stressful and fearful situations that have to face. We have lost our true selves. The change we want to see outside us must first happen inside us. Only with the eyes of the heart, one can see clearly.


Re-discover your Creative Power

This is what this project dreams to do. To help people find again their creative power through activating their imagination and their brain, and all together to create a better planet in every way and in all ways.

Imagination changes our immune system, the happy imaginary scenery can heal and can open new unexplorable paths within us, leading us to our true self. The creator we all have inside us.

People will discover new dreams, new hopes, new goals and will know that they have the power to make them reality effortless just by finding again the faith in themselves.

Stress, anger, and all the poisonous feelings will start to dissolve and love and joy will be what will remain. Love and Joy contain strong vibrations and this is what people will experience in the Magic Place.

The music that is going to be played at the environment will be that of higher vibrations…Specific vibratory melodies for liberation from fear and guilt, for forgiving, for changing situation and facilitation change causing a positive effect, for DNA repair, for better communication and connection with the other people, optimizing relationships etc.


Your Heart reacts first!

Recently, HeartMaths Institute proved that, when we see an image, our heart is the one that reacts first, and not our brain. Our heart then sends a signal to our brain and reacts accordingly. Indeed, the heart always reacts seconds before the eye looks at the image. As if heart knew what kind of image will follow! This is called the intuitive ability of the heart and, throughout this project, this ability will increase, which leads to activation of empathy.

This project will promote the activation of the intuitive capacity of the heart, intuition, insight, increase imagination, increase the… “see with your heart,” but also increase the electromagnetic field of the heart, which is much stronger than the one of the brain.

The heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field, so the information stored in it affects every organ and cell in your body. Increased heart electromagnetic field means increasing our immune system (physical and psychological), thus generally improving our health. Moreover, as this vivid imagination is made in the fifth brain or cardio-brain (as neuroscientists call our heart) lead not to the ordinary Alpha waves we have when we read any ordinary book, but Theta waves! For more about the Theta Waves but also the benefits of the book and project please check here







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